Elliandra is a world of massive proportions that excels in the knowledge of many arts and even has came to create forms of transportation that amaze anyone that does not live in the major cities. A lot is left to explore in this world and many things are not even listed in the maps. Some say only the Dragons know the true history of how Elliandra was created. Though what we do know has been passed down from generation to generation, shaping the world as we know it.

What makes a being a Legend, a Hero, or a God? No one can simply just claim these titles. They first must earn them by installing Hope or Fear into the hearts of citizens and creatures alike. it is the beings choice to be Good or Evil, Lawful or Chaotic and that is what you are to attempt. It’s all your choice to choose what you want to become but remember every action has its consequence good or bad.

Do you choose to have people fear you or to honor you? To save the innocent and punish the wicked? Or do you choose enslave the innocent and become the wicked? Will your stories be tales of honor or a tale of horror?

Maybe Dragons will even whisper your name into the history of the world to be remembered for future generations

Author Notes: Elliandra is a campaign I am running to have characters progress from a fresh character to epic levels and even go past them if they manage to survive. Why my world is so massive and will take plenty of time to make is to have places were each level of a character will be able to be used and even manage more then one character if the players want to take a break from their other. Sources I am using number in so many books, as of now I am using Eberron as a basis of my transportation in cities and the planar handbook of the city Sigil to help create the main city that harness all walks of life and I am sure I will have plenty more sources before this is done. I am open to hints and suggestions since this is one of the bigger campaigns I have managed a little help now and then never hurt.