The Children of Elliandra

Once everything was settled and the world complete what was left but to finally bring life to Elliandra and once again have children to inhabit the world. Life was created for creatures large and small as they began life and in time created settlements as they grew.

Years to fallow and Elliandra took shape in what all see today. From simple dwelling now raised flourishing cities that covered the land each offering something new to travelers.

As the creatures thrives so did their creations and what they created even seemed to please Aldrich at how far they were advancing, even creating magical powered machines that could transport people from one end of Elliandra to the other. Each new day has brought many more discoveries and many more lives that now have a book being written in the Eternal Library. With how well Elliandra is prospering Aldrich thinks she would be pleased to see how well her children are doing. Elliandra has really became something of legend now what is your part in this legend?

City Name Small Description
Lianidra A prosperous city full of many races, and is one the major cities that have advanced arcane arts and technology, also is a city of good and neutral aligned character
Undertown An underground city that could rival the one above it, also is full of many races but one city that is full of evil characters, one place to find the darker stores and jobs
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The Children of Elliandra

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