Liandria Basics

Liandria is a source that offers trade and travel to most of the other major cities around the continent keeping the place very lively. Many times Liandria is used for a place of trade for goods and services. The city operates under democratic government that is run by selected guild heads of the major guilds that form a council. Under them is a group of representatives of the lower guilds to also have their say in the matters of the city. Maybe this is way the mix of many races seems to prosper well in this city rather then one being ruled over by just one person and not taking in account of their situations. Even though this style of government is rare, here it does exceptionally well and people are pleased to see this city maintain its peace.


Most of the structures in Liandria are rather impressive but nothing seems to keep the same style from one house to the next. All do have the same basic foundation of being of stone that varies from a grey to and off white and made with the same style roofs that can very from many colors. other then those the buildings often lack a unifying style, this is mainly because of the vast styles of the city and it’s people have to offer. The city also house many travelers at any given time adding to the vast differences with outside influences they may bring in.

Smaller things such as the market shop are made out of a fine and sturdy wood that can be used by citizens or be rented for a time for out of town traders that need to sell items while they stay in the town. They are often kept in good shape and replaced when weather and time has worn them down. In all the city is kept up rather well and even the cobblestone streets are normally kept clean and in good shape.


Liandria is surrounded by a single defensive wall that is twenty feet tall and ten feet thick. The wall is thick enough for guards to patrol and have enough room to move around efficiently. The wall stretches around the city till it joins up with the mountain that the city comes out from. Placed between the wall are three gates and with them our two watch towers to guard the gates more proficiently, which always does have a watch on them. Being a city that has a lot of trades going in and out of the city most of the time the gates will simply remain open.

Like it was mentioned the city is built from a low point of a mountain. The council building being the highest building in the city and then the city slowly descends from there to stretching out on the flat ground to the defensive wall. The city having no real lower class is often a mix of homes and business throughout the city, though some stores that favor certain crafts will be near the guild house to be easier to locate within the city.

The streets are cobblestone and are built to accommodate feet, hooves, and wheels. The main roads are wide enough to even let the largest wagon pass threw unhindered. The streets are clearly marked with street names and are lit with lanterns that have the continual flame effect placed on them by the mages guild. The road is kept up at all times with maintenance to keep a decent road of travel to all visitors. The minor streets are still in cobblestone and kept in shape but are thinner and only used for travel by foot.


Being a mixed city brings many styles and fashions from the different customs and races past, bringing a wide verity of color throughout the city. Food, music, games, and languages are just as well mixed within the city, making Liandria have it’s own feel and atmosphere.

Most of the citizens in the city are concentrated on work and proud of what they have built and done to further help the city little by little. Being how diverse the citizens are in the city many see travelers of all kinds they interact with as if their race or custom did not matter and treat them as humans would to other humans. Though they do not care for the shady type characters that may harm or threaten their homes.

It may be the citizens kindness and the feeling that the city feels like a home more so then a strange new place after you recover from the new sights and wonders, may be the reason many people tend to live here rather then leave again liking how there is now prosecution to different people, customs and styles, and also that many seem to have a decent life and earn a decent living.

Liandria Basics

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