Guide to Liandria

  • Liandria Basics – How the city looks, acts, it customs, and its people
  • Life and Society – How do the people of Liandria live and work each day
  • Government – A city filled with many races has to have a system to maintain peace
  • Economy – The biggest metropolis has much to offer and plenty to trade
  • Religion – Many people call this city home and many choose to have different beliefs
  • Liandria History – How was Liandria made into now what we know today

Guilds and Organizations

  • City Organizations – Every city needs its protection from villains and criminals
  • Education – Many things can be learned and they can be taught here
  • Mages Guild (Name Coming Soon) – People who often use sources of magic in their daily lives make up this guild
  • Fighters Guild (Name Coming Soon) – Bodyguards,mercenary’s, and city guards normally are in this guild
  • Arena (Name Coming Soon) – A place to show how powerful you are and earn some money or lose your life
  • Market Guild (Name Coming Soon) – So much trade and sales go on throughout the city and someone needs to keep track of it
  • Craft Guilds – Many people in Liandria make a living from the crafts they can do

Places and Businesses

  • Prison (Name Coming Soon) – Even though crime is kept low a few still manage to get put here. * Coming Soon

  • Inns (Name Coming Soon) – A place to rest for tired adventurers and there are a few to choose from
  • Taverns (Name Coming Soon) – A place to have a drink and meal and maybe find some work
  • Blacksmith (Name Coming Soon) – Need weapons and armor made, this is the place to go
  • Train station (Name Coming Soon) – One of the fastest ways to travel around the continent


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