Very few can spin the tale of the beginning of Elliandra and its many places. Even fewer could guess the truth and they say only ancient dragons know truth. What we all know now has been passed down to us by old texts and by word of mouth.

Three gods were the source that shaped the very existence of Elliandra to the Material Plane. The three are Aldrich the god of Knowledge or the Book Keeper, Elliandra the Mother, and Xanos the Creator.

Nothing was allowed to be done unless Aldrich wrote the matter in the Book of Fate, this granted him a power to control the very actions of the begins around him but also grew hate within his brothers heart. Xanos could create something out of nothing, command life to breath and give life to a million by plentiful crops and fresh water or just as easy give death to a million with drought or famine. All this power was kept in check by his brother Aldrich sealing off his powers till it was written.

Now Aldrich had a wife that supposedly was the mother of life. Giving birth to the people that populated the world they watched over. Elliandra was of a great importance to Aldrich and something her cherished more then the world he had helped create. Xanos saw that he prized her over anything and took her life leaving her body for Aldrich to find.

This led to a fight between the brothers one out of rage of the loss of his love, the other wanting to gain immense power with no limitations that destroyed the world they all created as it became an inhabitable place to any living being. The fight ended one the last of the worlds life was drained away as Aldrich slew his brother.

His wife lay dead killed by the very family that he had to fight. Standing over his body he could hear the faint whispers of Elliandra asking about their world. He could not bring himself to even mutter words of how he and his brother had destroyed it in their rage. Her whispers in the air seemed to be just a haunting reminder.

He opened the Book of Fate knowing he could not simply revive his wife since gods even had their life to live and sometimes death was needed to create life. With the book came rules and bringing back a love was an act of selfishness, instead he wrote something else.

“The life of Xanos and Elliandra has ended but with them will be the creation of the new world. One that will be watched over by I alone as the Writer. The body Xanos will become the world many will stand on for years to come while the heart of Elliandra will shape that world and bring life into that world. With her love the world will grow and her children will prosper. Maybe now she can have the world we all strived for and maybe this can be a start to repay the chaos I have caused to the old world. This new world will be my focus. The world of Elliandra named for the mother of life.”


Elliandra Jackal