Altrain Xalliandell

The head council memeber of Liandria voted in by the citizens


Like any other of his race his form does not very much from others and still installs fear in people who do not know of him. Once you get past the look of his form you start to see he dresses in nice clothing that shows his position on the council and also to show that he can be trusted if the citizens of Liandria trust him. His clothing is a black robe that seems to take shape up on the chest of a nice dress wear a suit in a way. From there it falls to the ground and then drags behind him.

Also on him are pieces of jewelry like rings and amulets, symbols of the city and the council to show his devotion to it. You can also see that he has been threw a few battles with the scars over his body but also with them it shows what he has had to deal with being what he choose to me as he rather achieve a greater good rather then evil. This is not only rare but a symbol to Liandria to really show that their city is truly diverse in races and accepts anyone who tries to live a decent life.


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Altrain Xalliandell

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