Vincent Aylwyn

A mystical man that many find odd for his appearance but do not deny his power


Vincent is described as odd by the city he lives in and for a city that allows monsters, demons, and celestials to walk it’s streets is proving that he is unusual. Though his reputation is of an odd look no one will argue that he is very knowledgeable and wise and is well respected for his insights. Many will ask for his help which he will answer threw telepathy seeing no time to use his voice as he continues to work.

At first glance he does not look to odd as he hides in his robes keeping his face under a hood. From what you can see you will see long black hair escaping its confinements. Also at times on his pale skin will be runes and symbols of ancient languages that faintly glows blue. Once you see his lower face you will see that his mouth has been sewn shut and the reason for why he speaks telepathically.

Pulling back his hood will reveal that his eyes have also been sewn shut and as this may not be to strange to most the fact is that he willing has done this to himself. His reason is for giving up major senses that his power will grow claiming that he can see without seeing and has seen many things that no one else can fathom.


Vincent Aylwyn

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